Why I Created Our Sun Covering Kimonos

I get asked so much about why I created this company. First of all, I’ve always been interested in skincare. I have been wearing eye cream since I was nine years old. No, my mum never gave me eye cream, however, she did encourage me to always research skincare and don’t give my hard earned cash to companies selling my lies. Secondly, I got sick of my embarrassing cleavage wrinkles, from sleeping on my side, despite my taking such good care of my skin. 

I’ve always been very critical of the cosmetic industry and find that so many people don't cover up and get terrible skin damage all over their body. 

In this blog and on my social media - I love sharing science-based information about skincare. 

 I'm a bad bitch in all parts of life, especially skincare - I don't let big brands sell me shit I don't need. So call me a "skincare bad bitch" and let me be your wing woman when navigating the skincare landscape. 

 I work hard so no one is going to take me hard earned dough and don’t want to spend it on skincare that dosen’t work. As women, we face so much pressure to look good.  Companies know this so they will feed off your insecurity. Skincare giants prime you to feel desperate and ugly so that you spend your hard-earned dough on useless skincare that dosen’t actually do anything.

Most importantly, I promise to never lead you astray with promoting products I don't believe in. I promise to give you my honest opinion on skincare as there are too many cowboy cosmetic salesman trying to steal your hard-earned cash. I only sell pillow and have no interest in any skincare products so I will always act in your best interests.

Send me any questions you have about the pillow and skincare! I will do my best to educate you guys on my blog and social media.